Rachel Rose: Nanny Can't Sleep & Stefania Checks Out Rachel's Feet

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Description: This video consists of two Foot Worship scenes. CLIP 1: Nanny Can't Sleep Rachel Rose is a sexy nanny and she’s having trouble sleeping so she asks her boss to rub her feet to help her fall asleep. Although he knows it’s inappropriate, he can’t help but oblige after seeing her sexy feet wiggling before him. Watch as he takes her bare feet in his hands, massaging them before kissing on her cute little toes. See him slide his tongue along her soles from heel to toe before slipping it between each toe, sucking on them. Watch as she strokes his cock, giving him a hand job as he tongues her soles and toes, sucking on every inch of her beautiful bare feet. Will she make him cum as he enjoys her feet, or will he send her away? CLIP 2: Stefania Checks Out Rachel's Feet Rachel Rose and Stefania Mafra are looking as sexy as ever, showing off their pretty bare feet and recent pedicures. Watch as they wiggle their cute little toes before feeling up each other’s feet, rubbing their hands along their soft soles. See Stefania get up close and personal with Rachel’s feet, worshiping them with her mouth. Watch as she kisses, licks, and sucks on her feet from heel to toe, tasting them. See these brunette babes press their feet together before sliding them up one another’s bodies. See them tease each other’s breasts with their feet, rubbing their tits with their soles and tweaking each other’s nipples with their toes, all while rubbing their pussies, masturbating as they enjoy each other’s feet. This clip was filmed in High Definition and is available for download in WMV format at 1280x720 resolution.
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