Lindsey Leigh - Dominated By Your Teachers Feet

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Description: I catch you staring at my heels instead of paying attention in class and send you to detention. Once your in detention I catch you staring and losing focus again. "What is your problem? Are you distracted by my feet?" I ask. You try to play it cool but I see right thru your lie. I kick my feet up on the table to see if you can concentrate on your lesson. Again you nod off and stare at my heels. Seeing I wont get anywhere teaching you today I decide to teach you about having a foot fetish instead. I slowly remove my high heels and socks. I ask that you worship, kiss and lick my feet. I notice this makes your cock hard which is exactly what I want, finally you are paying attention. I allow you to stroke but I will not let you complete. "Part of being a foot servant is obsession, this can only be gained by withholding, now put this chastity device on" I command. Once your dick goes down you lock yourself and cower underneath my desk like the forever foot bitch you've become.