Sasha Foxxx - Homework Slave gets Trapped in facebox

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Description: Brat Co-ed Sasha is tired of her homework slave not getting her straight As on all her college papers. Now she has to go back and fix his fuckups herself, but that doesn't mean he gets off easily. She tells him she is going to have to teach him a harsh lesson while she works on her laptop to get her gardes back in order. She traps him in a facebox and mounts her desk over his face. Now as he peers up all he can see is the bottom of her chair and the bottoms of her shoes and stinky feet! She goes about her work as her toes wiggle and crush his face! They stink but she could not care less. Her toes cover his eyes and mouth as she relaxes them and uses his face as her foot rest. After a while she decides her feet could do with a cleaning as they were a bit stinky today. She starts sticking her toes into his mouth and having him lick her soles clean. That's what he is good for! She stands on his face to really drive home how much of a punishment this is! maybe if he's lucky she will let him out in a few days.