Natasha & Dacey - You'll be my foot bitch

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Description: When Asian Goddess Natasha found out her roomie Dacey has been cheating on her best guy friend she confronts her about it. Dacey begs her not to say anything but Natasha agrees only if she agrees to become her little foot bitch. Dacey reluctantly agrees and gets down by Natasha's sweaty soles. Natasha demands that she starts to lick and worship every inch of her feet. Dacey eagerly gets to work using her tongue all over her soles and toes. "Suck my toes like you sucked his dick!" Natasha yells at her as Dacey picks up her feet and starts deep throating her toes. Dacey is in for it as the mercy and feet on her bratty asian roomie! Starring: Natasha Ty, Dacey Harlot *FOOT WORSHIP* *FOOT GAGGING* *LESBIAN DOMINATION*
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