Goddess Kylie Jacobs - Cum to My Stinky Feet

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Description: I've been wearing these flats all day long with no socks. Whenever I wear these shoes, they tend to get really stinky. They probably smell SO bad, but I've been getting them really stinky and smelly just for you. Does that turn you on? You like the smell of my stinky feet don't you? How about you stroke your dick to my smelly feet, and I will maybe let you take some deep whiffs of them. I take off my shoes, holding one close to you so you can smell it. I encourage you to take nice deep breaths as you stroke your cock to my soles. I love watching you jerk off to my feet. It kind of turns me on! At the end, I'll give you nice long drawn out cum countdown. Encouraging you to take a nice deep breath of my stinky feet with each count.