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Description: IVY & ILIANA are getting ready to go shopping and IVY hates ILIANA'S SHOES, FLIP FLOPS, but those are the only shoes ILIANA brought. IVY just won't go out with her dressed like this. IVY rather ILIANA go to the mall BAREFOOT, but ILIANA won't agree to that, and really needs IVY to shop with her. ILIANA begs IVY, is there anything she can do? IVY makes her sit by her feet as she removes her HIGH HEEL. ILIANA sits and IVY immediately FORCES her to take a big WHIFF her SWEATY, STINKY, & SMELLY BARE FEET. ILIANA is grossed out & hates it but will do anything, as she SMELLS and winces from the stench. IVY makes ILIANA SMELL between each TOE and describe the SMELL. IVY completely DOMINATES ILIANA with her SMELLY FEET but is pleased with ILIANA'S cooperation and decides if she will or won't still go shopping with ILIANA as she SNIFFS.