Saint Mackenzie's Brats - Pretty School Girl Amy Makes You Sniff, Lick Her Hot Sweaty Feet after Her Sports Class

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Description: Amy is waiting for Matron after her sports class; she is still wearing her cute little netball dress with white ankle socks. As she waits she spots you hiding under Matron’s couch, she calls you out and she can tell instantly that you are nothing but a foot pervert as you keep staring at her feet. Amy slips off her trainers and shows you her sock covered feet, and when she orders you to sniff them and lick them you dive right in, buying you face in them. As you breathe in the warm scent of her feet you feel excited, even as she makes you take them all in your mouth. However Amy is not finished with you yet and she slips off her socks and tells you how you will now lick her bare feet. As you obey her, like the good foot pervert you are, you run your tongue all over her feet, tasting her foot sweat. You then suck on her toes and lick the fluff and sweat that’s gathered in between them, like the worthless loser you are. It is a good job you know your place, on the floor licking beautiful girls feet!
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