Lindsey Leigh - Foot Therapy Session Part 1

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Description: This is an actual therapy session you would receive from a therapist or counselor. This is a soft introduction (the first meeting) and does not involve stroking, touching or jerk off instruction. I ask you questions about your foot fetish. How did it start? When did it start? Have you seen a dominatrix or therapist for your foot fetish? I take notes while encouraging you to share more. This is a judgment free zone. During the silences I want you to express yourself, pausing the clip if you need more time to share your desires, insecurities and answers to my question. This is a purely therapeutic style clip with emphasis on creating a healthy fetish for you. I don’t want you suppressing it, seeking out the wrong and unknowledgeable or not your style dominatrix/lady for it, there should be no shame or bad experiences. This is a natural affection and should be treated as such until you develop a complete understanding of what you like, what you need and what truly “works” for you.