Bratty Foot Girls - Sunshine, Lucy Larsson, Amethyst Mars - Triple teaming the Lazy Roomie with Stinky feet

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Description: Sick and tired of dealing with her lazy roomie, Sunshine comes in ready to destroy him with her friends Amethyst & Lucy. The three brats have returned from the gym and once again find hi lazing around on the couch instead of looking for a job. That's the last straw! Sushine pulls him off the couch to the floor and the three girls set upon him with their stinky sweaty feet from the gym! They rub their slimy soles all over his face and pin him down so he cannot leave. He tries in vain to get away but they have him pinned down under their feet. He is forced to sniff their fragrant soles with no where to turn as everywhere he turns his head he's greeted with a stinky pair of soles. They start pinching his nose between their toes to really get him to inhale their toejam. He's screwed now!!