FeetExtreme - Throat Deep Foot Slavery

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Description: It's been a long while - almost two years - since we've shot anything new with Dorothy, and now she finally makes a return! Her soles are still amazing and they're stinkier than ever! We decided to make something really nasty for her return - a really sloppy footgag scene. She came with no socks in her shoes to ensure a strong, sweaty smell. She makes Clarissa inhale her stinky soles, then orders her to lick the sweat off. However, this is just a very short warmup, after a few licks she her to suck her toes, as deep as she can. From there, the whole scene is about Clarissa gagging on her toes, crying her makeup off and begging to stop. There is no mercy, Dorothy's feet always find the way deep into her throat, no matter how bad she suffers!
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