Bratty Bunny - Principal Is A Foot Fetish Freak

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Description: “You are a school girl and I am the school principal. I call You into my office for a reprimand about being dressed provocatively at school. You understand very quickly that I am the submissive foot type so You start contesting my authority. You then sit on the top of my desk right in front of me while I am sat in the desk chair beneath You. You flaunt Your sneakers and Your very dirty bare soles in front of my face from the top of the desk where You sit. You start insulting me and order me to take off my pants and expose my dick. You take off Your sneakers and proceed to foot slap my cock with Your dirty bare soles, You kick my balls, You crush my knob with Your dirty feet. You are quite violent with Your feet on my genitals and You have a really cruel and angry look on Your pretty face. You call me names and yell at me to cum from the pain You inflict me through Your glorious feet. When I do, You force me to lick the dirt and cum off of Your bare soles which You shove in my face from the top of the desk.”
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