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Description: You are sitting on the couch with your feet up and soles facing the camera, with pink toenails. You, my younger sister, just beat me up, and you want to humiliate me some more so you talk about how it happened. You had your feet up on the table, and I hate feet and told you to get them off the table. You were tired of me always telling you what to do, and you decided to attack me. I tried to fight you, but to my great surprise you really kicked my ass. After beating me to the ground you put me in wrestling holds and made me cry and beg for mercy. Then, since I hate feet, and since the fight started over feet, you decided that you would stop beating me up if I smelled your feet. Now here I am at your feet, and you make me smell them. They stink and I hate it, and you make fun of me for having to smell the cute pink painted toes of the girl who beat me up.
Models: Bratty Bunny