Princess Alexa - Deadly Princesses Feet

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Description: Princess Alexa has 2 little slave. She orders them to lick dirty soles of her flats when she is reading a magazine. After the little slaves licked with their tongues soles of her flats, princess removes her shoes and takes orders slaves to lick her sweaty feet. 2 little slave careless licks her sweaty soles. Princess then presses both slaves to the floor with her feet, so that they lick toejam from her dirty toes. Princess tired work her little slaves and decides to crush one of them for her entertainment. She puts on her shoes and stomping on little slave and funny twisting her foot. The other little slave hears how his friend squashing by giantess Alexa how his bones and organs breaking under weight of her beautiful body. Princess puts the remaining slave to another flat; puts back her foot and continued to read the magazine while the little slave is fighting for his life inside tight flat.
Tags: Giantess