Brat Princess 2 - Princess Carmella - Lick My Stinky Feet Loser

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Description: 1080 HD Carmella, of The Mean Girls, makes her slave take off her boots and smell her stinky, dirty, feet. The slave is so excited to be able to smell Carmella’s feet. It is a foot freak and Carmella has used this weakness to make it her bitch. She reclines while the slave indulges in her foot sweat. Carmella dangles the slave’s chastity keys while it gets more n more excited. The slave gets an opportunity to worship Carmella’s stinky feet. It’s very grateful, but Carmella reminds it that if she isn’t pleased with the worship, she will replace it with another footboy. A foot service slave is very replaceable. Only the best gets the opportunity to worship and serve a girl like Princess Carmella. Carmella tells the worshipping slave that she has decided to turn it into a human toilet. It all started with a common foot fetish, and now look where it’s gotten him, drinking pee at the insistence of a cruel and manipulative girl.