Chai face fucks scarlet hart

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Description: Among the most jaw-droppingly cruel, girl-on-girl, foot worship, gagging, sole-licking action ever. Savage. The beautiful blonde Chai, whose mean streak is as big as the Atlantic, meets Scarlet Hart, whose mean streak runs from men to men and deep too as the sea -- but it is for men alone. She is a submissive to girls and makes the mistake of telling Chai she likes being so before the camera starts, hearing about it later as the foot beating goes on in agonizing minutes for the long-haired pretty girl at the blonde's feet. Chai makes Scarlet cry, weep at times in the mauling. She her feet in her mouth, making her suck them -- deep foot gags. Debaseing cruelty from the sadist, who doesn't care who she hurts as long as it's someone. Scarlet begins as her footrest -- ordered to "Take my shoes off" by the blonde domme. She makes Scarlet kiss one foot, then the other. Chai has huge arches that dive into Scarlet's throat, Chai laughing above her. Scarlet puts her foot in her mouth with her two hands as the mean girl above on the brothel couch taunts her, tells her to "Open wide." Chai makes Scarlet stick out her tongue and clean her Soles, licking between her toes as she controls her, verbally, and under her feet. More foot chokes from above. Chai's big arches and long legs -- Scarlet's panic that feeds the young domme's pleasure. Chai breathes harder as Scarlet sucks on her toe and when she takes her foot like it's a plunger. She loves hurting and humiliating girls. Chai makes her suck her toes more, then pumps her big toe down her throat. Scarlet cries and Chai gets even more turned on, jumping on the couch and Scarlet to lick her soles. "On your knees," the blonde bitch orders Scarlet, who hits her knees on the hardwood floor and sucks on Chai's foot -- gagging and crying as Chai says "That's right." She would do this all day and is driven to near madness by the sound and sight of Scarlet weeping uncontrollably. She loves hurting and humiliating people -- always has, the pretty girl -- her hair -- her eyes -- her foot down Scarlet's throat as the brunette gags. She makes her lick her big bare soles top to bottom -- fucks her mouth again with her big toe. The abject humiliation -- the gagging again and choking on Chai's deep foot gags. Chai doesn't want to stop -- looking into Scarlet's eyes to see what pain she's inflicting. Scarlet cries on, weeping while getting face fucked. Chai reminds her "Don't cry sweetheart; you like it; you love it," as Scarlet gurgles in extreme foot-gagging from the blonde still above her on the brothel couch. "It's hard to cry with a whole foot in your mouth, isn't it?" Chai asks her, taunting her as tears roll from her eyes. She weeps and Chai tells her "I wanna see you drool all over yourself" and, as the crying gets worse, Chai is always cold, telling her "You're not done yet" -- making her lick her soles and gag on her feet at one point angry for tears getting on her perfect feet. Scarlet licks her feet. Her eyes now wide as Chai rams her big arch through her mouth and into her throat in more foot gagging. Suffering at her feet, Scarlet is ordered to get Chai's shoes. Scarlet puts them on the blonde's feet, kneeling before her. Chai's legs are long and beautiful as they stretch out. Scarlet breaks out in tears when Chai -- incredibly -- orders her to lick the bottom of her dirty shoes. Scarlet obeys. Chai her lower eye-to-eye with her toes -- makes her lick the tops of her shoes and her toes and verbally humiliates her position beneath her -- licking the bottom of the shoes she walked around in half the night before, more shoe-kissing, foot worship, licking and more laughter, more orders from the girl taunting the wailing Scarlet -- again telling her to shutup. Abject cruelty, foot-gagging, sucking and licking from one of the meanest girls around, the pretty sadist and rising star, Chai who here shatters Scarlet's ego and nearly more. Time: 21:45