Goddess Nikki Next foot worship

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Description: Nikki dominates her long-haired, pain slut Scarlett with her perfect feet, telling her "Open up," foot gagging her standing above her as she struggles with the girl's foot in her mouth. The cruel Nikki Next tells Scarlett what she'll make her do if she gets sick. She keeps gagging the back of her throat with her toes and rubs Scarlett's saliva over her own face. She forces Scarlett to lick the bottom of her feet and tells her she's lucky that she's licking her feet and not getting squeezed. Nikki Next makes her suck her big toe like "a pacifier" then makes her lick between her toes, washing them with her tounge, then tells her to do it again. She shoves her foot back down her throat. More sole cleaning from Nikki's sub who knows her place -- sticking her tongue out as Nikki lords above her. She sits on Scar, using her lap and knees for a chair then forces Scarlett to make out with her perfect feet, smiling as she cleans them beneath her. It might be since PT made out with Andi's feet that we've seen them worshipped with such passion. Scar sucks on her heels and Nikki smiles. Nikki calls Scar out for liking worshipping her feet and Scarlett admits it, going Valentino on them, french kissing Nikki's soles. sucking her toes and staring up at the print model in admiration. Nikki looks intently at the girl as she sucks her heels and licks her soles. She owns Scarlett. She laughs as she pinches her nose with her toes. With one foot on her neck and one in her mouth, Scar is breathless from the pain and pleasure of being owned by the mean young beauty. Nikki wants Scarlett's tongue so sore that it's hard to brush her teeth when she gets home and keeps making her take in her soles, again foot gagging her before making her tongue a doormat again, sitting back down on her and making her "Kiss my feet goodbye."