I WANT FEET - Kayla, Mia - God I've Wanted This!!

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Description: This is one of, if not THE hottest scene we've ever done!!!! It's a long video in Hi Def so broadband is necessary. Kayla is lying in bed very sad. Mia Mckinley comes in to say hi and notices that she's down. When asked Kayla says that her boyfriend dumped her for some slut he works with. Mia lays down with her to console her telling her that everything will be okay. Mia goes further to say that "He just wasn't the right guy for you anyway." and Kayla is curious why she says that. Mia remorsefully admits to having read Kayla's diary. Kayla is upset and as Mia explains to her why that's relavent she moves towards Kayla's feet. Mia tells Kayla as she removes one of her high heels that reading the diary gave Mia the confidence to do something that she knows Kayla has been yearning for, not getting and something Mia has been wanting to do herself for a long time. Kayla asks what as she's confused what Mia is talking about or why she's removing her shoe. Mia says "This!" and begins to devour Kayla's foot. Kayla immediately melts and is thrown into a euphoric state. What ensues is one of the MOST passionate SEXY foot worship scenes that you may ever see. These two ladies get so charged up and go after each others' feet with serious desire. This is a long and wonderous video with two incredibly sexy girls with amazing feet and a true love of foot worship!
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