I Want Feet - I Can Make Her Do Anything!

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Description: unate recent development! See it seems that Allegra caught her mom surfing p0rn on the internet while vibrating herself. You see Allegra's dad is apparently quite a conservative man. As she puts it, "a real bible thumper". If he knew Allegra's mom would be out the door immediately! Rather than throw her under the bus, she decides that she could use it to her advantage. She tells Stella that she's been having her basically be her slave, taking her wherever she wants, buying her stuff and just being her slave. The girls decide to have her come back to the room and torment her by making her smell their feet! At first Catherine tells her that she's okay with what she has to do privately with Allegra but not with her friend being there. Allegra tells her that that's okay she'll just fill her dad in on what's been going on. Catherine acquiesces to her daughters commands and kneels down to do her duty. The girls laugh and make fun of her as they shove their feet in her face making her smell them. The girls even use their feet to hold their shoes over her nose making her take deep whiffs of their stinky, smelly shoes. After making her thoroughly smell their feet they send her off to continue her slaving duties and bring the pizza while they sit around and enjoy the day!
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