TA Worship – Step-Daughter Of The Boss

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Description: Celeste is working through the weekend at her boss’ residence when his step-daughter, Nikki, walks in and plants her heel firmly on Celeste’s chest. She firmly demands that Celeste remove her heel as she sees how Celeste has been looking at her when she comes around the office. Celeste is at a loss for words and without thinking obeys the brunette goddess. Nikki sits on the sofa next to Celeste and instructs her to go ahead and carry out the hidden fantasy she knows Celeste has been harboring ever since Nikki caught her staring at her feet the first time they met. Celeste wraps her mouth around Nikki’s adorable toes and begins to lick between them with reckless abandon. Nikki continues to torment her enraptured footslave by asking what her step-daddy would make of all the attention Celeste is paying to her pretty pampered feet. You can see the smug satisfaction in Nikki’s eyes knowing that she has Celeste wrapped around her little toe from this point forward!
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